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We will use these pages to keep Parishioners up to date on the activities of the Parish Council and would welcome any feedback, suggestions and help from you on their content and the work we do. 

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Lloyd Perry, Chairman, Redlynch Parish Council 

      Cllr David Trick, Deputy Chairman  Cllr Gideon Aymes Cllr Dudley Baker-Beall Cllr Dave Bennett Cllr John Blocksidge Cllr Kate Budworth Cllr Bill Dunn Cllr Jess Dowding Cllr Garth Everett Cllr Sally Eyres Cllr Bill Maddy Cllr Bill Reeve Cllr Steve Wood Cllr Ian Youdan



May 20th at Morgans Vale & Woodfalls Village Hall
    7:00pm; Planning Committee
    7:45pm: Annual General Meeting
    8:00pm: Full Parish Council
May 27th at Redlynch Village Hall
    7:00pm; Planning Committee
    7:45pm: Community Focus Committee
    8:15pm: Finance & Staffing Committee

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May 29th at Coombe Bissett Village Hall               7:00pm: Wiltshire Council Southern Area Board 

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Full Parish Council March 11, 2014
Assets & Amenities Committee  February 25, 2014
Finance & Staffing Committee  January 28, 2014
Planning Committee  March 25, 2014
Community Focus Committee  January 28, 2014

Parish Clerk: Nicky Ashton, c/o Redlynch Village Hall,
Vicarage Road, Lover, Salisbury SP5 2PG ,
(T) 01725 513245; (E)


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You said: Can you link the Council and Magazine websites? 
We said:
Yes. Click here or on the Magazine cover image below.
You said: Can assets have more financial support to carry out small projects?
We said:
A new scheme for all assets will be rolled out by June 2014. This will give assets the chance to apply for a one of amount to help with a project that will develop the assets and benefit the community.
You said: Can the surface of South Lane Nomansland be improved?
We said: Tom Bray is going to escalate this with the highways agency to ensure that action is taken

News from Wiltshire Council: Click here for the latest and earlier editions of the Parish Newsletter and here for the 2014 Countryside Events Calendar.

Banish Balsam from Redlynch The Blackwater Conservation Group  are looking for volunteers to eradicate Himalayan Balsam from the River Blackwater and its tributaries.  more

Redlynch Players Spring Production - Beside The Seaside. May 14th-17th at Redlynch Parish Hall. Tickets £8 available at the hall from 6pm on May 14th. Click here for poster below.  more

Woodfalls Band Concertt  At 7pm on May 10th in St Laurence Church, Downton, the award-winning Woodfalls Band will play host to the world famous Black Dyke Trombone Quartet who are ranked as one of the top twenty brass bands in the world. Click here for poster below. more

Lover Country Fayre is on Saturday July 5, 2014 Lover Country Fayre is on Saturday July 5, 2014 Nomansland Village Fayre is on Saturday August 25, 2014
  Defibrillator installed at Woodfalls Inn      Police News  Click for poster  Click to view poster