Once every decade, the census provides an opportunity to build the most detailed and comprehensive picture of the population. The information the census collects underpins decisions on planning and provision of public services, including transport, education and healthcare. Getting the best possible response rate for the census in our area will make sure that decisions by our local authority area are based on accurate, high-quality data.

The census is a unique survey of all people and households in England and Wales that happens every 10 years. There’s simply nothing else that gives so much detail about us and the society we live in. It tells us what our needs are now and what they’re likely to be in the future. It also gives a snapshot of how we live, for future generations to look back on.

The information given by the public during the census helps local authorities plan and fund public services. It informs where billions of pounds are spent, for instance on things like roads, schools and hospitals.

Information from the census is also important in helping lots of other people and organisations do their work. Charities and voluntary organisations often use it as evidence to get funding. It helps businesses to understand us as customers and, for example, decide where to open new shops. Plus, those doing research, like university students and people looking into their family history, use the information.

Without the census – and without people in your local area telling us about themselves and their household – it’d be much more difficult to do this. That’s why it’s so important that everyone takes part.

Further information can be found using this link https://www.census.gov.uk/



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